Signing off…

So, it’s official. I’m going to be a maths teacher. Training on the job through the wonderful Lucy Kellaway’s new scheme called Now Teach, in partnership with Ark.

I start in September, in the academy down the road and will be part of the first cohort of Now Teachers. Summer will be spent on an intensive course. (Think of me when you are on the beach….)

Why? Now that the children are a bit older I don’t need to mumtrepreneur any more, so I thought I should do something useful. And, as someone once said, education, education, education…

So I’m signing off from public life for now. It’s been fun. Adieu.

What is going on in the UK economy? An interpretation of the economic data over the summer

Triumph or disaster? In terms of the UK economy, it could be either depending on who you believe and what newspapers you read. Here’s a round-up of the data so far, as of the second week in September. But of course everything could change in the weeks and months ahead. But if the government manages to set out a clear path and provide some certainty at least as to what is known and what is unknown, that will help everyone. Read more here