New Statesman piece on the London Minimum Wage

In the week that Labour’s London Mayoral hopeful Tessa Jowell came out in favour of a London Minimum Wage here’s a link to a piece I published on The Staggers blog that gives more detail on how having a different rate for London is not only needed to be in line with the government’s original intention for the minimum wage but is also OK for low paid workers in the rest of the country.

What the ONS tells us about Piketty

The Office of National Statistics is publishing its latest slew of data on the UK wealth distribution on Thursday, This gives us an opportunity to explore whether the Piketty thesis – that wealth must increasingly concentrate amongst a few – is correct. All is not however as it seems. Research for the Smith Institute suggests that there is an important yet much overlooked cohort of people who own their own homes but have low incomes. Four million households in Britain, to be precise, or a sixth of the total, and by no means all of them are pensioners.  Insofar as these four million do not need to earn much money because they have no housing costs, it could be argued they are the real winners in the wealth distribution. See my Tooley Street Research blog for more