One uncertainty swapped for another – UK economy update

In the run up to the referendum on 23rd June, business confidence fell a little compared to the previous two years as decision-makers felt a sense of unease simply due to the uncertainty that came from such a large economic policy decision looming on the horizon. Immediately following the result the economy skipped a beat: the survey evidence in July was pretty dire. However the August confidence data is not dissimilar to the pre-referendum levels. Businesses have basically swapped the uncertainty they felt around the referendum result for the uncertainty as to what it means. Read more


Do you have views on whether mums will stay at home? Check your partner’s hometown.

The local labour market data released by the Office of National Statistics last week had some interesting gender differences between different travel-to-work areas. It showed that some parts of the country had similar levels of economic activity between men and women, whereas elsewhere it was very different…read more